Edu Game Jam Hämeenlinna, Day 2

The second day of the Edu Game Jam has been progressing nicely. We reconvened around nine in the morning (the last jammers worked in the truck until eleven). As the ITK conference started properly today (yesterday was a pre-conference workshop day), we have been getting quite a lot of visitors throughout the day. Conference guests have joined us to see what we are doing and learning about game jams and their possible educational uses.

Most visitors are not familiar with game jams, but there has been tremendous interest; many have left their contact information in anticipation of the next Edu Game Jam event.    The whole day has been spent working on the four games – and on demonstrating and explaining the games to visitors. Even the people who were new to jamming on the first day have been explaining the intricacies to visitors.

All of the games are progressing well, but obviously choices are also made along the way to make the plans feasible in the short time we have. In the evening, we had a halfway presentation, where each game was demonstrated. Much work still remains, but slowly it is starting to look likely that we’ll have four new educational games tomorrow!