Edu Game Jam Hämeenlinna, Day 3

The third and last day of the game jam is now behind us. All four games were completed in time, and are publicly available for play.

A few of us worked through the night, but most of us reconvened in the morning to put the finishing touches on the games. Around noon all the games were submitted and let’s play videos were uploaded to Youtube. Thirty minutes later we started the public presentations, and after that the games were available to play for the conference guests.

The four games are:

Philologix, is a browser game that teaches about programming through the theme of philosophy. The player guides followers to Sartre, Kant, Marx, de Beauvoir and others. All the philosopher are cute – and one-eyed.

In Yhdys sana peli the player identifies compound words in Finnish language based on pictures. For example the alternatives could be pimeänäkö, pimeä aine and pimeä raha. Additional challenge comes from correctly interpreting the images.

Ion in a Jar is a game for a mobile phone, where the player turns the phone around attempting to capture cute ions to create valid compounds while balancing the charges. The cutes ion is aluminum oxide. It is also the hardest to make!

Ekoparadiset is a game that teaches Swedish in the context of an ecological catastrophe. It is a pixel art co-op game where the players try to make their way to the paradise, but must pass the gate keeper who asks them questions in Swedish. Utmärkt!